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Unraveling Consumer Habits in Emerging Markets: My Remote Year Experience

Fifteen people in traditional clothing and one person with an umbrella

A year ago, I embarked on an incredible adventure: a Remote Year program across four vibrant Latin American countries. It wasn't just about the stunning sights and diverse cultures; it was also a journey of profound learning, particularly in the context of how people in emerging markets spend their money. 


As humans, we often get trapped in our own little worlds, assuming everyone else shares our habits and preferences. Spoiler alert: they don't! This was especially evident during my travels. Surrounded by individuals from diverse backgrounds, primarily in their late 20s and early 30s, I witnessed firsthand how spending patterns differ across cultures. 


One of the most striking observations was the decline in traditional cooking. Convenience reigns supreme, and companies are rapidly adapting to this shift. Whether it's the booming delivery app industry or the rise of ready-to-eat meals, businesses are catering to a generation that values convenience over time spent in the kitchen. 


Another fascinating trend was the rise of "decision fatigue." Today's consumers are bombarded with choices, leading to a reluctance to make decisions. Businesses are responding by simplifying their offerings and making buying experiences as seamless as possible. This applies to everything from online shopping interfaces to subscription services designed to eliminate the need for repeated decision-making. 


Throughout my travels, I collaborated with Theta, a market research company, to gain deeper insights into these emerging consumer trends. Their data and expertise provided valuable context to my observations, painting a comprehensive picture of the evolving landscape of consumer spending in these dynamic markets. 


Through this blog series, I aim to share my experiences and insights, offering you a unique perspective on how people in emerging markets are spending their money. We'll delve into topics like: 

  • The decline of traditional cooking and the rise of convenience-driven solutions. 

  • The growing influence of technology on consumer behaviour. 

  • The impact of "decision fatigue" on consumer decision-making. 

  • How businesses are adapting to the changing needs of emerging market consumers. 

I believe this information will be valuable for anyone interested in: 

  • Expanding their business into emerging markets. 

  • Developing innovative products and services that resonate with emerging consumers. 

  • Simply staying ahead of the curve and understanding the future of consumer behaviour. 

Join me on this journey of discovery as we explore the exciting world of consumer spending in emerging markets. I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Together, let's unlock the potential of these dynamic markets and navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer behaviour. 


Stay tuned for the next blog post, where we'll dive deeper into the decline of traditional cooking and the rise of convenience-driven solutions in emerging markets. 


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