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ACM’s Guide to Successful Content Creation

In the grand scheme of your digital presence, creative and content creation are where a large chunk of the magic happens. This is where you take your strategy and mold it into a conversation with your target audience. One of the most important things for any company or brand is your value proposition. Content allows you to showcase that in ways that will beneficially impact your ROI.

Understanding who you are, what you want to accomplish, and the resources you have available to get there is ACM’s first point of contact with a client. This information allows us to make informed decisions, content-wise. We’re able to craft a digitally competitive voice through such a relationship. Additionally, said voice becomes more easily translated to our client’s audience.

Being differentiable via digital media means putting considerable effort into content marketing. There’s no arguing the point – content that is done right will help fill gaps. Our approach to content creation is based on the main priorities of your overall strategy. It can be audience growth, data generation e.g. a permission database, or using digital to streamline event attendance, just to name a few. Whatever those goals look like, our method behind driving strategic actions with your audience remains simple yet oh so effective:

Got an Idea?

How do you convince someone to give you their email address? How do get them to click a link? What drives your audience to participate in your promotion? Asking these questions is the genesis of content ideas. These can be as routine as monthly maintenance for your content calendar or revamping the look and feel of a certain touchpoint. Ideas should be recorded among the team (client and digital) in a central location (such as Sharepoint) for easy reference.

Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm!

What will your content look like creatively? Is it a whitepaper, video segments with an influencer, blogs? Brainstorming lets us visualize how content is presented to the audience based on their wants and needs, and the touchpoints they frequent. This is a testing ground for using data to speak with your audience. Going beyond conventional or curated content nurtures creative freedom and fosters a deeper understanding of how to relate to an audience.

It’s Publishing Time

A monthly content calendar is a map that helps mitigate the back and forth with our clients. We use a cloud solution that relevant persons can access at any time. Even in the absence of that, however, there’s no reason to be seeking day-to-day approval for content. While there will be moments of content spontaneity, having a list of scheduled content will bolster your digital consistency and audience interactions.

A successful content and creative journey are all about autonomy, discretion and above all, your audience’s input. One of our challenges was taking a client’s global brand and localizing it so that the message wasn’t lost. We used our community as a key data point and prioritized their needs, tailoring it within our client’s brand identity. Not every piece of content will work and not everything has to. That versatility once preempted, will lead to content that stands out and evolves in an organic and measurable way.

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