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Top 3 Questions to ask before Creating Content for Social Media

Facebook made major changes to their algorithm that will drastically decrease the frequency of your posts on your newsfeed. Mark Zuckerberg stated on his personal page, “…big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.” He goes on to elaborate on the need for users to have a quality experience with their friends and family. My interpretation; the need to pay to play is more apparent, unless you understand your audience. However, there is a workaround that will maximize your Marketing budget. Here are some questions to asking before publishing content:

Who is this for?

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Too many decision makers have a broad-brush approach to marketing. It may be an overlap of traditional media, however it’s impossible to maximise your marketing budget without segmentation. Every single piece of content: text, photo or video, should be speaking directly to someone specific. For example, Book a room with us today vs It’s time for a couples’ retreat. One is speaking to everyone and the latter to persons who have a significant other in their lives.

Why would they engage?

Most social media platforms will empower you with data. It’s in their best interest to provide as much information as legally possible for you to get the best Return on Investment (ROI). That’s why they provide tools such as the Facebook Audience Insights, which should influence what you choose to publish. Please be mindful, content is not about you, it’s about the user.

What action would you like them to take?

Based on strategy, your Call to Action (CTA) should be aligned with your goals and objectives. If you would like to increase sales, you should have a Buy Now button. If you’re building a community beyond Social Media, Lead Generation should be your main goal. Ultimately your CTA should easily relay what is needed by the user.

Gary Vee once said, ‘Content is king but Context is God’. You need to remain relevant without giving your FOREX to Facebook. Asking these three questions are a great way to start before publishing content that no one cares about.

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